Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Zealand -The Last Paradise

by Manoj Gursahani

Home the largest and the oldest living Kauri trees in the North and the glaciers and majestic fjords in the South, with an ever-changing canvas of snow-capped mountains, deserted beaches, fast-flowing rivers and even boiling mud- cocooned in nature, New Zealand enchants and captivates.

For exquisite scenery, gentle rolling pastures, stunning islands and beaches and a glimpse of the Maori culture, the North Island awaits you. Contrasting to the soothing ambience of the North, the South Island is home to dramatic alpine scenery, glacial lakes, grinding glaciers and roaring rivers.

Isolated from other landmasses, New Zealand is abundant in native wildlife, with exotic and often rare species of plants and birds unique only to this land down under; with the famous icon for New Zealand - the Kiwi. You can water-ski alongside the dolphins, frolic with newborn lambs on a farm, or go fishing in the innumerable streams that weave through the landscape.

A small country, with endless possibilities to explore, a visit to New Zealand will leave you no time for twiddling your thumbs. Whether you're looking for extreme adventure, purity of nature or simple relaxation, this is one place that offers you all -from leisurely nature trails and scenic drives to stunning coastline and fascinating wildlife.

Navigate your way through this country's varying countryside. Described by National Geographic as a world in miniature, New Zealand is a land of rare natural beauty hard to match anywhere in the world.

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