Sunday, May 07, 2006

Arma di Taggia - Italian Riviera

by Glo-Con

Visitors to Sanremo and the Riviera dei Fiori should not forget the short trip along the coast to Taggia.

Strictly speaking the comune is divided into two; Arma di Taggia, the modern seaside resort, and medieval Taggia 3km inland along the Argentina Valley.

For such a small place Taggia has had an incredible history and even today it gives the visitor a sensation of how commerce and life must have been in Liguria 600 years ago.

Originally a Roman settlement, it sowed the seeds of its fame when the Benedictine monks started cultivating olive trees in the 12th century. From that moment its prosperity grew and grew and even today olive oil still plays an important part in the local economy.

The impressive monastery of San Domenico was built in 1459 and still stands. Despite attempts by Barbary pirates to loot the complex in 1564, it still contains priceless works by local hero Ludivico Brea and Giovanni Canavesio.

Not to be missed is the church of Santa Maria del Canneto set in the olive groves on the edge of the old town and the Santuario del Crocifisso in via Soleri, the principal Renaissance 'covered' street.

Our favorite is the medieval footbridge over the river which used to allow traders with mules to enter the town from the hills.

Liguria is a perfect place for your holidays: there, you will see the most beautiful sunsets, swim in the Mediterranean sea, discover enchanting views. Just think of the names of the places you can visit: Golfo Paradiso, Golfo dei Poeti, Portovenere, Riviera dei fiori, Riviera delle palme... If you appreciate the quiet, if you like spending your holidays with your family, if you love nature and enjoy a mild climate, you must come to Liguria.

There, you will also find art, culture, small villages and towns full of history. Last but not least, you will be able to taste its lovely and simple cuisine, where basil and fish are the main ingredients. Have you ever tried trofiette with pesto, buridda, or focaccia?

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